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Today's featured project:



Wireless premium earbuds with a battery-boosting smartphone case for charging and storage


Goal: $200,000 

Pledged: $211,352

Days To Go: 14

Estimated Delivery: May 2016


About The Project

Touted as "the earbud solution you've always needed but never existed", Skybuds combines 4 everyday products into 1!

How Skybuds Works

Using Skybuds

What You Actually Get!


A Video Of Skybuds In Action

We have some concerns about the fit and ability for Skybuds to stay in our ears, though this video of them in action does help reduce our nerves!

These are a potential headphone game-changer. You can get your early bird Skybuds for $224, there are 100 left! 

Check out Skybuds on Kickstarter.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson


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