OCDock ends the search for a perfect iPhone docking station for iMac and Thunderbolt owners. The first dock to actually remove items from your desk and freeing up valuable workspace, by seamlessly integrating with your iMac or Thunderbolt Display. Our specially developed paper-thin cable runs underneath the display stand, making it look wireless.   

The OCDock has a patent pending moving plate that easily accommodates most iPhone cases. We have developed the docks to perfectly support and provide stability to your iPhone. The OCDock has three interchangeable silicone supports included (for the naked iPhone, for slim cases and for larger cases).
The OCDock Mini is designed to perfectly fit with naked iPhones (or with very slim cases or back covers), with no silicone supports.

The OCDock Mini also works with the iPad.

Kickstarter project that had 1540 Backers and $107,979 Raised

OCDock Troubleshooting:
Problem: Disconnect/Connect every second

1) Make sure that the flat flex cable is laying completely  flat under the leg of your iMac. ( it might have got twisted in the installation process .)
2) Plug the cable directly to the back of your iMac. ( avoid any USB Hubs )
3) Try different ports on the back of  your iMac
4) Reboot your computer.
Disclosure: Can’t guarantee that it works with older Cinema Displays and iMacs before 2009
Thunderbolt Display’s might have a syncing problem but does charge, disconnect USB between your laptop and Thunderbolt display to avoid disconnections.

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