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August 20, 2015


4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - August 19th, 2015


It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


Chestnut - The ultimate dock for your smartwatch

The Chestnut, by enveo, is a Danish designed smartwatch dock working with the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time.


What Is The Chestnut?

Chestnut (by enveo) is a minimalistic smartwatch dock for your nightstand or desk. Our smartwatches need a safe and reliable home to recharge, while we are recharging ourselves – that’s why we designed the Chestnut. An incredible easy to use dock, which is currently compatible with both the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time smartwatches.

We have designed an unique interchangeable silicone ring, which allows the Chestnut to be compatible with even more brands in the future - so the functionality of the dock will become even greater. That is why you do not have to panic if you buy a new smartwatch, just change the silicone ring, and you are good to go.

The Chestnut's Features

  • Innovative design fits all strap designs
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch and Pebble Time smartwatches
  • Cordwell hiding unnecessary wire
  • Minimalistic Danish design
  • Perfect sized for tableside or desk
  • Sustainable sourced materials

Perfectly angled for Nightstand mode. The Chestnut dock is angled in a 45 degree angel ensuring full functionality, while your smartwatch is charging and furthermore enables the Apple Watch Nightstand mode.

You can see the entire screen – making it a great friend if you are an app-developer, updating it or just playing with it.

Fits many strap designs. Chestnut is compatible with a broad array of strap designs. We have spent numerous days figuring out a perfect shape, size and design, to accommodate the diversity of smartwatches and making a truly innovative and functional product. 

  • The Chestnut dock is compatible with the following Apple Watch straps; Modern Buckle,Leather Loop, Milanese Loop, Classic Buckle, Sports Band.
  • The Chestnut dock is compatible with the Pebble Time and Pebble Steel leather andstainless steel strap.

Hides the cord. Everybody hates clutter, that's why we've integrated a cordwell in the Chestnut dock, where surplus cord safely can be tucked away. This ensures a tidy and clean working space and fumble free sleeping environment.


With 34 days to go the Chestnut has raised kr8,928 out of their original kr65,000 goal.

You can still get in on the early bird specials for kr300 (about $45)!

Estimated delivery date: November 2015



Right Dock for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android Devices

The Right Dock is a versatile docking solution for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Android Devices.


About The Right Dock

RIGHT DOCK is a unique and versatile dock which allows you to easily dock all your mobile devices.

Precisely machined from premium aluminum and anodized in silver or black with adjustable Oak wood backing. (More materials and colors will be available if stretched goal is reached)

  • Small and elegant design.
  • Adjustable connector height and backing allows using your device with or without a case.
  • Easy one handed docking and undocking
  • Future-proof design. Don't have the Apple Watch yet but might get one in the future? No problem the D1 can easily be upgraded to the D2, allowing charging of both the iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Multiple colors and materials to fit your design.

Multiple Dock Options

"With our modular design we surely have a solution that is right for your mobile device. Ranging from the single device D1 dock up to the D3 which offers charging for 3 devices at once. All models are available in multiple colors and materials.

D1: 1 iPhone, iPad or iPod. Upgradeable to D2.
D1USB: 1 Micro-USB or USB-C device. Upgradeable to D2
D1W: 1 Apple Watch
D2: 1 iPhone or iPod and 1 Apple Watch.
D2NS: 1 iPhone or iPod and 1 Apple Watch (can use Nightstand Mode)
D3: 1 iPhone or iPod and 2 Apple Watches.

Our docks are compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, iPod, iPad Mini, iPad Air and future mobile devices with lightning connector."


With 29 days to go, the Right Dock has only just gotten started with $346 CAD raised compared to their $25,000 goal - go back and support this project!

You can still get in as an early bird for as little as $42.95

Estimated delivery date: October 2015

Right Dock


iScream - Smart Double Flavour Ice Cream Maker

iScream is a true smart home kitchen appliance that brings the best ice cream to your home.

Meet The iScream

iScream is not just about ice cream, it’s the whole experience...

Go out with your kids and pick some raspberries, prepare the mixture that you know it’s healthy and delicious, then let the kids watch how the best ice cream is made.

Combine that experience and family time with that delicious dessert you’ve just made and you’ll understand what iScream is all about. It really is unique.

iScream is a new age, double flavor ice cream maker that connects to your smartphone of choice.

Double Flavour Bowl

iScream is not only defined by the connectivity and a great app, but a double flavor bowl design separates it from other ice cream makers.

Now you will be able to make not only one but two different tastes at once.



With 29 days to go, the iScream has successfully raised $66,733 compared to their original $50,000 goal.

With early bird specials gone, you can get yours for $189.

Estimated delivery date: July 2016



OURA ring. Improve sleep. Perform better

OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.

What Is The Oura?

ŌURA is a revolutionary wellness ring and app, designed to help you get more restful sleep and perform better. It enables you to learn how your lifestyle choices affect your sleep, and how the quality of your sleep affects your ability to perform.

The ŌURA ring can automatically tell when you are sleeping. When you go to sleep, the ŌURA ring analyzes the quality of your rest and recovery by measuring your heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, and movement. While you are awake, it monitors the duration and intensity of your activities, and the time you spend sitting.

The ŌURA app integrates and visualizes this data to identify patterns between your sleep quality and daily activities. By understanding how well you slept and recharged, it can determine your readiness to perform and help you adjust the intensity and duration of your day’s activities. It can also uncover actionable insights for changes to your daily activities that can help you sleep better.

Sleep Better

Sleep quality has a profound impact on your daily performance, well-being and overall quality of life.

ŌURA works wherever and whenever you sleep. There is no need notify the ring or app that you are planning to turn in. ŌURA is so smart that it knows when you are sleeping.

With its proprietary technology and algorithms, the ŌURA ring identifies deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, and periods of wakefulness. This information is used to create nightly sleep profiles and to gauge the quality of your sleep. A balanced sleep profile is important to help you recharge your body and mind during sleep.

While you sleep, the ŌURA ring continuously measures your pulse waveform, the exact time between heartbeats, and your body temperature. From these data points it calculates your heart rate, respiration rate and other parameters needed to accurately analyze sleep in order to create your sleep profile.

The sleep profiles produced by ŌURA parallel the profiles produced by the gold standard of sleep laboratory instruments.

Optimize Performance

If you want to improve your sleep quality, tracking your sleep is not enough. Many other factors, like your physical activities, daily rhythms and lifestyle choices, influence your ability to get restful sleep. ŌURA helps you understand the effect of these factors on your sleep quality.

Your sleep quality and your lifestyle also impact your ability, or readiness, to perform during the day. ŌURA helps you understand how your sleep and activities contribute to your readiness. It can even help you identify which daily practices are most effective at helping you recharge.

During the day, the ŌURA ring automatically measures your physical activity and time spent sitting. The app delivers actionable recommendations to adjust the intensity, duration and timing of your activities based on your readiness to perform. It also offers activity-related suggestions to help you get more restful sleep at night.

When prompted via the app, the ŌURA ring can also measure your physiological response to activities during the day. This enables ŌURA to learn what practices help you recharge, and to offer suggestions that help you maintain a state of readiness throughout the day.

With 36 days to go the Oura has hit its funding goal with $103,266 raised as compared to the original $100,000 goal.

There are still some early bird specials left starting at $199.

Estimated delivery date: November 2015



BiteMyApple is a platform that brings together innovators and consumers.

In addition to being a one-stop shop for the latest Apple tech accessories on the market, we want to keep you informed on innovative Kickstarter projects.

Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

August 12, 2015


4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - August 12th, 2015


It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


Nebia Shower - Better experience, 70% less water

A showerhead that is better in every way. A superior experience, iconic design, and 70% water savings.

What Is Nebia?

You've taken thousands of showers. You've never experienced Nebia. Nebia’s design and engineering provides a significantly superior shower experience in each and every sense.

Nebia is a fully self-installed shower system with an adjustable bracket and a portable wand that showers you with water like you’ve never experienced before. Nebia atomizes water into millions of tiny droplets with 10 times more surface area than your regular shower. With Nebia, more water comes into contact with your body, leaving your skin clean and hydrated all while using less water than a typical household showerhead. In fact, Nebia uses 70% less water than a typical household showerhead. For the average U.S. home, Nebia pays for itself in less than two years.

According to the creators:

"We have been working on Nebia for nearly 5 years and we have developed numerous iterations and prototypes. Along the way, we adopted technologies from aerospace engineering to optimize every aspect of our shower nozzles and to create our H2MICRO™ technology. The result is a patent-pending breakthrough in an industry that has fostered remarkably little innovation in over a century.

At Nebia, we set out to create a shower that leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to meet what’s next. Hundreds of people have showered under Nebia and the feedback we have received has been phenomenal. Now we are ready to share Nebia with the world."


Reduced Water Consumption With Nebia

Nebia establishes an entirely new standard in water use, reducing shower water consumption by up to 70%.

With Nebia, we will enable millions of people to take ownership over their daily shower, save thousands of gallons of water per year, and substantially reduce their overall environmental impact. 

A regular shower vs Nebia. Nebia wins with 70% less water.

Nebia also helps you conserve energy. Traditional household showers consume markedly more energy than a Nebia just to heat the water and the majority of that hot water goes straight down the drain. Nebia is 13 times more efficient at delivering the heat you pay for to your body, making your daily shower in a Nebia 13 times more thermally efficient.

The combination of Nebia’s water and energy savings translates to lower monthly utility bills. You’ll not only feel good about using Nebia on a daily basis; your pocket book will also thank you. 


With rumored investors such as Tim Cook (from Apple), the Nebia has raised a massive $833,711 compared to their original $100,000 goal and there are still 30 days to go!

Most early bird deals are gone but you can still get yours for $269!

Estimated delivery date: May 2016



MiStand+ Aluminium Tablet Stand iPad, Galaxy, Kindle & more!

The MiStand has evolved...introducing MiStand+, precision crafted aluminium stand designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

About The MiStand+

"We didn't want to change things just for the sake of it. Every design decision has a functional purpose so that we could make a better product.

We read through every comment on Kickstarter and every e-mail we have received since launching the MiStand, and got to work on improving it."

The base of MiStand+ has been carefully tapered to improve ergonomics and to reduce the weight of the new design.

A cable slot has been milled in to the back face of MiStand+ to allow any standard USB cable to pass through. This is great for backers who like to place their MiStand+ on a desk or bedside cabinet and charge their tablet.

Goodbye MicroSuction...

"MicroSuction is a facinating material. We loved using it during our first two projects, so we know its benefits and limitations.

We wanted the original MiStand to be compatible with or without a case so included some sticky pads to increase the effectiveness when using it with tablet cases.

They worked, but it was not ideal having separate pads; we wanted the MiStand+ to "just work" so when we started work on MiStand+ we said goodbye MicroSuction and after a lot of testing and tweaking we said..."

Hello Polyurethane!

MiStand+ comes with all new polyurethane pads which work whether you use a tablet case or not! The material is non-adhesive yet sticky. It doesn't leave any residue on your fingers or device.

Fluid 3D Rotation...With More Power

"When the original MiStand was launched the magnetic joint was designed to work with the majority of tablets.

As time has passed, tablets have increased in size and weight so we needed to improve the magnetic joint. MiStand+ comes with an all new neodymium rare-earth magnet, which is 33% more powerful. This means that even the heaviest tablets work great with MiStand+."


With 29 days to go, the MiStand+ has raised £30,659, 6 times the original goal of £5,000!

You can still get a not quite early bird special for £28!

Estimated delivery date: December 2015



Intrvl Band: The Wearable Personal Trainer

A personal trainer on your wrist, that utilizes High Intensity Intervals to optimize any and all of your exercise routines.


The personal training band with programmed interval timing functions to optimize any and all of your exercise routines. 

This isn't another $300 health tracker - this is the best tool available to bring your workouts to the next level. Add intervals to any workout using the interval band, and start burning more fat & calories today.

    The Beauty Of The INTRVL BAND 

    It can be used with ANY existing workout. Keep your regular workout routine, but add intervals - periods of high intensity work, followed by shorter periods of rest.

    This technique is scientifically proven to optimize your workouts, making them not only more effective, but also significantly shorter. 

    Simply select your function, then tap the "GO" button, go flat out till the first vibration, then REST till the next, and go again! It's that simple.

    INTRVL Workout Packet 

    Each INTRVL BAND will also come with an instructional packet containing common interval exercises for you to add into your normal routine!

    We know you probably have a routine you love, and your timing is all you might need to change; these are just some suggestions for you if you feel like mixing things up.


    With 38 days to go, the Intrvl Band has hit about half of their funding goal, with $9,100 pledged out of the original $21,000 goal

    You can still get yours at an early bird price of $35.

    Estimated delivery date: December 2015

    Intrvl Band


    Gauss - Redefining Eye Protection for the Digital Age

    Gauss glasses protect your eyes in front of screens and outside with self-tinting lenses and a new, proprietary coating technology.

    What Is The Gauss?

    Your eyes are your gateway to the world and it makes sense for you to protect them. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV/A and UV/B radiation, but in our digital lives our eyes are increasingly exposed to other sources of harmful radiation that can cause eye strain and permanent damage. 

    Do your eyes ache when you look at a screen for hours? 

    With Gauss Eyewear, we have developed a solution that gives your eyes optimal protection throughout the whole day, regardless of whether you are outside in the sun or inside looking at the screen of a digital device.

    Our proprietary Blueguard coating reduces eye strain and protects your eyes from the harmful blue light radiation emitted by digital device screens that interferes with your melatonin production and can diminish your sleep quality.

    UV-blocking, high index lenses self-tint to give you the best of both worlds.

    Self-tinting lenses automatically adjust their brightness to your environment, while coatings and lenses ensure your eyes always stay protected.  

    Ultra-lightweight titanium frames make Gauss glasses among the lightest glasses ever made, and therefore the most comfortable to wear.  

    Gauss glasses come in 6 minimal, timeless designs and 4 different titanium color options: black, silver, brown and gun.

    With only 7 days to go, the Gauss has eclipsed its original €20,000 goal by raising €222,087!

    The majority of the early bird specials are gone but you can get your pair for €119

    Estimated delivery date: October 2015



    BiteMyApple is a platform that brings together innovators and consumers.

    In addition to being a one-stop shop for the latest Apple tech accessories on the market, we want to keep you informed on innovative Kickstarter projects.

    Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

    August 05, 2015


    4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - August 5th, 2015


    It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


    AQUA - World's Lightest Headphone Amplifier, Battery-free

    Your listening experience reinvented. Live concerts on the go. Powerful. Featherlight. Stylish. And battery-free!

    What Is Aqua?

    AQUA is the world's only battery-free amplifier especially designed for headphones.

    Through MicroUSB and iOS Lightning, AQUA connects directly to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. With its stylish design, it's your best friend for high quality music. It allows you to have awesome listening experience anytime, anywhere.

    Do you know that normally, however great the sound quality is, when it's played from a phone, it becomes 16bit/48kHz music. Hey that's lousy, right? It's like you're listening to music with some clothes in your ears. Pretty nasty, huh?

    Why You Need Aqua

    Is listening to music with your phone an everyday thing for you? If so, are you happy with the sound quality?

    Actually, high sound quality is readily achievable. You don't need any loudspeaker or stereo set, but an AQUA. Let AQUA fulfill your heart's desire for studio-quality music anytime, anywhere. Whatever you're doing, jogging, on your way to work, or just chillaxing, enjoy an exquisite listening experience with AQUA!

    Listening to music has become an indispensable part of life. Never is there a shortage of people saving up to buy pricy headphones, just to enjoy clarity and high quality music.

    The price of those high-end headphones, however, isn't usually friendly or readily affordable. Do I have to spend so much money to enjoy quality music?

    High-end Headphone Level of Sound Quality

    AQUA, wIth the built-in high quality DAC (digital to analog converter,) and HiFi sound performance, gives your more than CD quality (16-bit/44.1kHz.) AQUA presents 24-bit/192kHz quality sounds.

    You can get the best listening experience without turning up the volume to 100. Crystal clear and full sound.

    As of writing the Aqua has raised $34,158, double the original $16,000 goal and there are still 53 days to go!

    The super early bird specials are gone but you can get in for $49.

    Estimated delivery date: November 2015



    SQUAIR Mobile - enjoy clean air wherever you go!

    SQUAIR Mobile is the first portable air cleaner that combines HEPA & Carbon filter with state-of-the-art NON THERMAL PLASMA technology!


    What Is the Squair?

    SQUAIR is the only company using powerful Non Thermal Plasma to provide clean air by fighting: pollution, smoke, pollen, odors, mold and other harmful substances and gases.

     SQUAIR is a revolutionary way to clean the air:

    - German made and patented Non Thermal Plasma Technology

    - HEPA / Carbon filter cassettes for small particles

    - Eliminates viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust and harmful gases

    - Removes smoke and odors

    - Cleans up to 250 square feet or 25 square meter

    - Filters 38 cubic feet or 1 cubic meter per minute with super silent fans

    - Stunning design and great materials: titanium zinc alloy

    - Fits in every car, office, hotel room or simply at home

    - Air sensor satellite measuring PM 2.5, gases and temperature

    - Connected via Bluetooth or WiFi to our SQUAIR App (only available with SQUAIR Satellite)

    How Does Squair Work?

    While most air purifiers are limited to one or two cleaning methods our goal was to achieve more. HEPA and carbon filter are truly effective when it comes to small particles and dust, but efficiency drops when killing viruses and bacteria.

    That is why we use our German made and patented Non Thermal Plasma technology. Not only is NTP super strong with organic pollutants, it is extremely effective with harmful gases like formaldehyde. 

    The Perfect Fit

    When we designed the SQUAIR Mobile we wanted to make a product that is truly mobile.

    Whether during your daily commute, long haul trips, driving for Uber or just simply, because you enjoy clean air in your car. In order to make the SQUAIR Mobile a car travel companion we had to take safety regulations into considerations.

    Looking into every possible location inside the car we found only one spot that ensures safety and fits in every car around the world: the cup holder.

    With 42 days to go, the Squair has raised €23,673, about half of their €55,000 goal.

    Early bird specials are still available at €170, the Squair will retail for €280.

    Estimated delivery date: December 2015

    SQUAIR Mobile


    Tagonce - The Next Generation Luggage Tag

    Tag your luggage with contact information by using your smartphone. Plan ahead, keep travel history and much more.

    About Tagonce


    • You didn't have to write the same contact information on your luggage tag every time you travel
    • You can update your contact information at any time and from anywhere using your smartphone 
    • You can plan multiple journeys by entering future dates and places you are planning to stay and your contact information will change automatically based on this info 
    • You don't have to search for a luggage tag, at the airport 
    • You don't have to remember a pen 
    • People can easily scan and read your tag without the app  
    • People can send you messages using their smartphone if they find your luggage
    • The software and tag is designed, developed and produced in Denmark.  
    • The projected price at retail is $10 per tag. Get it here for a price as low as $5,5 
    • The app is 100 percent free to use after you buy the tag - no subscription

    How Does Tagonce Work?

    1. Attach the Tagonce tag to your lugagge and scan the tag


    2. Enter your basic contact information

    3. Enter where and when you are going

    4. Enjoy your trip. The tag is now setup to display your contact information when scanned

    Anyone with a smartphone is able to read your tag. The app is not needed.

    If plans change, or you have to plan a new trip - you simply open the app and change the plans without needing to have your luggage next to you.


    The Tagonce has raised kr92,017 out of their original kr45,000 goal and you can get your Tagonce for kr55, which is about $8!

    Estimated delivery date: November 2015



    GoFish Cam

    GOFISH CAM: The Extreme Action-Adventure Camera for Fishing

    What Is The GoFish Cam?

    GoFish Cam is a patent pending wireless, underwater action-adventure camera that sits on your fishing line and captures the real action of the sport in conjunction with our mobile application.

    What if the line snaps? * If the line snaps, the camera has an almost neutral buoyancy underwater, so it slowly floats up to the top. Also, in the near future, GoFish Cam may be offering a warranty program for GoFish Cam clients. Purchase the warranty policy, and in the case that you lose your camera, get a new camera at a heavy discount. Further details on this will be provided to our backers at a later date.

    How GoFish Works


    Equipped with HD 1080p color video and infrared lights for night vision, the GoFish Cam catches the complete underwater experience through a 170° wide-angle lens and built-in microphone even in the darkest of conditions.

    It’s fishing like you’ve never seen before – trust us!

    With 27 days left to go, the GoFish cam has raised $47,881 out of their $55,000 goal

    You can get yours starting at $115 - help them reach their goal!

    Estimated delivery date: February 2016



    BiteMyApple is a platform that brings together innovators and consumers.

    In addition to being a one-stop shop for the latest Apple tech accessories on the market, we want to keep you informed on innovative Kickstarter projects.

    Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

    July 29, 2015


    4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - July 29nd, 2015


    It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!



    This is nipi. It's more than a cooler. nipi is a charging hub. It's a security deposit box. It's a sleek accessory.

    What Is Nipi?

    It's more than a cooler. nipi is a charging hub. It's a security deposit box. It's a sleek accessory. It's an all terrain vehicle and, with ice retention technology which keeps ice frozen for six whole days, its the ultimate way to have even more astonishing adventures.

    Developed by a group of outdoor enthusiasts after conventional coolers failed to live up to their off-the-grid expectations, nipi is a seriously innovative cooler, designed to make getting away from it all more comfortable, more convenient and more chic. Sporting a sleek, minimalistic design, nipi walks (or rolls along) that often-tricky line between style and substance.

    Beautiful and epically functional, the cooler looks good and offers an extraordinary range of functions, even for adventurers seizing the moment in the middle of nowhere... 

    Stay Cool

    Sand, mud, gravel, stones – where you lead, nipi follows, with specially engineered wheels that can take whatever your adventure throws their way. 

    The cooler's oversized wheels make light work of all terrains, while its comfortable, telescopic handle and lightweight design make this high performance cooler impressively portable. Beach, BBQ, festival, the races – nipi is the ultimate companion for every expedition. 

    With a wealth of “21st century survival” features, (including an illuminated, lockable storage are that protects your valuables) you could almost forget that, at its heart, nipi is an exceptional cooler.

    Utilising cutting-edge ice retention technology, nipi's LED lit, 50 quart cool storage area preserves ice for six days, thanks to a double insulated lid and super thick walls. This ultra cool technology is so smart it doesn't require a charge to remain ice cold, whatever the weather. 

    As of writing the Nipi has begun its campaign with $12,489 raised out of initial $60,000 goal. There are still 41 days to go, so get moving!

    The super early bird specials are gone but you can get in for $195.

    Estimated delivery date: March 2016



    HELIX: Wearable Cuff with Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

    The Helix is the first wearable with headphones on your wrist. In a sleek form, Helix ensures that fashion and tech are always at hand.

    What Is the Helix?

    Fashion and functionality are the principles on which the Helix was created. Helix solves the problem of dealing with tangled and easy to lose headphones. What do you do with your headphones when they aren’t plugged in?

    Instead of keeping them in your pocket or purse, access them in a fashion-forward cuff for easy convenience. It can take minutes to unravel earbuds. With Helix, you’ll plug in your headphones in just seconds.

    Helix was designed for people who are always on and always in style. We want to create something unique for music-lovers, tech users, and smartphone mavens.

    The goal is to deliver an incredible sound experience in a wearable that’s on the cutting edge of modern fashion trends and to make carrying headphones convenient and fashionable. The discreet, miniature compartment inside Helix accomplishes just that.

    Why Should You Back The Helix?

    Amidst the wearables market, which is overflowing with fitness trackers, biomarkers, andsmart watches, there has never existed a complementary accessory allowing you to effortlessly keep your headphones with you at all times—until Helix. 

    A headset is something you want with you wherever you go. Most of us just throw headphones into something we carry with us and later spend hours untangling them. Helix is an elegant solution to this problem. Instant connection to music, podcasts, or phone calls becomes a reality.

    We’re all “always on” in this digital age. According to a PR Newswire study, on average we use headphones for four hours a day. The majority of those surveyed had 3 or more pairs of headphones with 48% using them every day.

    Constantly taking the extra time to deal with earphones is an unnecessary waste. Traditional wired earphones can be hard to carry and untangle. Say goodbye to inconvenience and stay connected. Effortlessly store your headphones with Helix.


    The Helix has almost met its funding goal of $100,000 - they're at $86,099 with 50 days to go. We see this one being funded :)

    You can still get in with us early birds for $99.

    Estimated delivery date: December 2015



    WATCHme - Cute Apple Watch charging stand

    WATCHme is a charging stand that will turn your smartwatch into a cute little monster.

    About WATCHme

    The WATCHme (Watchus cyclopus) is a newfound species, a (h)armless cyclops monster that was endemic to Vivien Muller’s office, east of France in the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia.

    WATCHme has been selectively bred for months for various behaviors, cord management capabilities, and physical attributes.

    It has no external ears and has very poor eyesight, however, it can be greatly improved by peculiar spectacles called « SmartWatch ».

    The domestic WATCHme performs many roles for people, such as decorating a bedside, companionship, and charging a wearable technology.

    A farmed WATCHme will be released at the end of year if a large adoption campaign succeeds.

    • WATCHme is a cute little charging stand for your smartwatch.
    • It allows you to manage your official Magnetic Charging Cable.

    As you can tell, this is a pretty straightforward project.

    The WATCHme has 21 days to go and so far, they've achieved €9,218 out of their €20,000 goal.

    You can get the WATCHme for as little as €19!

    Estimated delivery date: December 2015



    Bevel - 3D Photography for any Smartphone or Tablet

    The world's first attachment that captures genuine 3D photographs

    What Is Bevel?

    The first accessory of its kind, Bevel turns your ordinary smartphone or tablet into an amazing 3D camera.

    Because we say so much with pictures. We use photographs to make people laugh, to tell stories, to express our emotions, and to preserve our most cherished memories.

    When it comes to communicating visually, photos are great and video is even better. But the problem is we don’t live in a flat, two-dimensional world. It’s not our native dimension. When we communicate with ordinary photographs, we’re never really telling the whole story because the fact is, a photograph just isn’t the whole picture. But together, we can change that.

    3D photography is possible, and we want to make it happen right now. We just need your help, to be the first to start creating and sharing amazing 3D photographs.

    What Makes Bevel Special?

    Bevel is the world’s first attachment capable of capturing real 3D photographs on any smartphone or tablet. Other 3D attachments create the illusion of 3D by enhancing the depth of an image, but fail to capture a file that you can actually use.

    You can even use Bevel for 3D printing. That's why we call it Genuine 3D™ photography.

    How Does Bevel Work?

    Bevel uses an eye safe laser light, and the existing camera on your Android or IOS device, to capture photographs in a whole new dimension.

      Simply plug it in, and pan the person, place or thing you want to capture. Bevel creates beautiful 3D photographs that you can use in amazing ways.

      What Can You Do With Bevel's Genuine 3D™ Photos?

      With the Bevel app you can do everything you do with ordinary photos. Post your 3D pictures on facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter or any social network.

      Use the Bevel app to share directly to friends or upload and share them online with a link. Save them and even use them for animation, video game design and 3D printing.

      With 28 days left to go, the Bevel has just about hit the halfway mark of their funding goal ($200,000) with $87,924 raised.

      The original early bird specials are gone but you can get yours for $49!

      Estimated delivery date: December 2015



      BiteMyApple is a platform that brings together innovators and consumers.

      In addition to being a one-stop shop for the latest Apple tech accessories on the market, we want to keep you informed on innovative Kickstarter projects.

      Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

      July 22, 2015

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      4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - July 22nd, 2015


      It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!

      ZNAPS -The $9 Magnetic Adapter for your mobile devices

      ZNAPS is a specially designed magnetic connection adapter for your mobile devices. Connection is just a snap away.

      What Are ZNAPS?

      ZNAPS is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in cable in the dark, water damage through charging outlet, and more!

      This innovative magnetic charging adapter will make your life just a bit more convenient.

      How Does ZNAPS Work?

      ZNAPS supports charging process as well as data synchronization and it’s designed for both Lightning cable (iPhone) and Micro-USB cable (Android).

      ZNAPS Features


      As of writing ZNAPS has raised a staggering $1,010,348 out of initial $120,000 goal, and there are still 23 days to go.

      To back this project, it'll only set you back $11!

      Estimated delivery date: November 2015



      Lumos - A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

      The ultimate bicycle helmet with brake lights and turn signals to help cyclists stay safe and visible on the road.

      What Is Lumos?

      It shouldn't be difficult or inconvenient to take care of your basic safety as a cyclist. Yet we frequently forget or misplace our lights, and drivers are often frustrated at the difficulty in both seeing and predicting where some cyclists want to go on the road.

      Lumos is a next generation bicycle helmet that addresses these issues. Featuring integrated brake and turn signal lights, Lumos helps you more effectively communicate your intentions to drivers and people around you.

      Lumos Features

      Integrated lights

      Have you ever left the house or office without your lights? Or maybe you’ve had your lights stolen? Thanks to Lumos, as long as you have your helmet, you will always have your lights with you. 

      Red lights at the back of the helmet are arranged to form a triangle, a commonly used warning symbol on the road.

      White lights in front are arranged in a distinctive pattern in order to make you stand out better, whether it is from a driver's rear or side view mirror, or from a car coming in the opposite direction.

      Turn Signals

      Have you ever wondered whether the car driver behind you understands (or even sees) the hand signal you just gave?

      Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt it was more important to have both hands on the handlebars than to continue holding out your hand to signal?

      We did. Thats why we made turn signals an integral part of Lumos's design.

      You activate the turn signals via an included wireless remote.

      Once activated, bright yellow lights on the helmet turn on to form an arrow on the back, and a dash from the front to indicate the direction you wish to turn. Just press the button again to turn the signal off. 

      Automatic Brake Lights

      Lumos comes with an integrated accelerometer. It senses when you slow down, and automatically turns all the rear lights bright solid red to signal that you are braking.

      The brake lights activate any time you slow down so that you don’t have to think about it.

      Rechargeable Battery

      Lumos comes with an integrated rechargeable battery inside. Recharge with the included micro USB cable just like you would with your phone. If you use Lumos for 30 minutes every day, each charge will last about a week.

      The Lumos project met its funding goals in the first day. The project continues to succeed with $345,646 raised so far!

      The original goal was $125,000 and there are still 22 days to go.

      You can still get in with the second wave of early birds, at $99.

      Estimated delivery date: May 2016



      E1 Camera. 4K UHD interchangeable lens camera

      4K UHD. Smallest form factor camera. Supports all Panasonic/Olympus MFT lenses and incredible low light performance.

      About The Z Camera E1

      Z was founded in March, 2013 by a vibrant team of digital imaging and information technology experts. We love to dream, create images, create video and push the boundaries of electrical engineering. Our goal is to separate ourselves from traditional photo and video products by rethinking things from the ground up.

      “After spending years in the camera industry, I realized that most companies are much more interested in cutting costs of their current products than investing in developing new ones and listening to what people want," said Jason Zhang, engineer and creator

      The Technology Behind The Z Camera E1

      E1 from Z is the smallest 4K ultra-high definition camera with an interchangeable lens system.

      The E1 is Wi-Fi 802.11N, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Ambarella A9 image processor equipped. 

      Easily capture cinema-quality 4K 4096x2160 video at 24 frames per second or ultra-high definition video 3840x2160 at 30 frames per second with H.264 compression.

      Advanced 3D noise filters using motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF ) technology reduces noise and jitter.

      This allows for incredible low-light performance with the camera’s ability to shoot at up to 102,400 ISO while maintaining high image quality, up to 6400 ISO.  

      Support For A Variety Of Lenses

      The E1’s micro four-thirds lens mount can handle a wide range of AF (auto-focus) lenses available from brands such as Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Leica and Sigma.

      It also supports a variety of existing MF (manual-focus) lenses. In lieu of bulky DSLRs, E1 allows users to travel with an arsenal of lenses to capture the highest-quality footage possible.  

      The Z Camera E1 has been successfully funded, with $210,192 raised compared to the original $42,000 goal.

      You've got 24 days left to get in on this project!

      Though the original early bird specials have all been claimed, there are still a few spots to get your own E1 for $599.

      Estimated delivery date: November 2015

      Z Camera E1


      auris bluMe: True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver

      Stream the highest-quality audio wirelessly from your smart device to any sound system. Enjoy ultimate freedom with the longest range.

      What Is The bluMe?

      Auris bluMe has been designed to transform your audio experience, seamlessly blending your current digital music technology with your classic audio equipment.

      Its a true high fidelity Bluetooth music receiver that streams high quality audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, computer or tablet to any music system or powered speakers.

      bluMe allows you to enjoy all of your high definition digital music with all the clarity, crispness and full emotional impact your legacy Hi-Fi audio system can deliver.

      It's a super high fidelity component that brings out the full sound quality potential that is hidden inside the Bluetooth protocol.

      Why Use Bluetooth?

      With a reputation for poor sound quality and limited operating range, why would we chose Bluetooth over various other wireless audio options such as Airplay, Sonos, etc.? The answer is access and compatibility.

      Every modern smartphone, tablet and laptop comes Bluetooth equipped, providing instant compatibility for all. It doesn’t need additional drivers, software, apps, or to be within the range of a wireless router.

      Bluetooth is a familiar technology to everyone and its ease of use and convenience is proven by the surging popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers today.

      bluMe Is Made For Audiophiles

      bluMe is more than a Bluetooth music receiver; it’s also a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).

      Digital tracks are simple sequences of code.To turn this code into a signal that speakers can recognize, you need digital-to-analogue converters (DACs for short).

      Poor quality DACs can lose detail in the conversion process. Auris tested countless DACs over many months and in the end decided to work with the world-renowned 'Miracle DAC' AK4396 by AKM, a top of the line high fidelity DAC usually found only in top shelf audiophile home audio and home theater systems.

      It’s a true 192kHz 24-bit upsampling DAC sporting a high SNR of 120dB and is well regarded for its impressive low noise and low distortion characteristics. in short, this means that the sound you hear is crystal clear, rich and retains a wonderfully full dynamic range.

        The bluMe just hit its funding goal, they're at $23,394 compared to $20,000 goal and there are still 43 days to go!

        The original early bird specials were available at $99 but those are all gone. You can however still get in at $119.

        Estimated delivery date: November 2015



        BiteMyApple is a platform that brings together innovators and consumers.

        In addition to being a one-stop shop for the latest Apple tech accessories on the market, we want to keep you informed on innovative Kickstarter projects.

        Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

        July 15, 2015


        4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - July 15th, 2015

        It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


        Scriba - a new stylus designed for comfort and control

        A stylus that puts creative control back in your hands. With a flexible body and dynamic squeeze motion it responds to your every touch

        What Is Scriba?

        Scriba is a new stylus designed around the natural movements of your hand. With a flexible body and dynamic squeeze motion.

        Scriba responds to your every touch, empowering you with the freedom to express your creative self.

        Scriba's natural user interface provides greater control over your entire creative process. 

        What sets Scriba apart is a seemingly simple idea for a new type of stylus.

        The stylus should be designed around the user, rather than merely adapting a historic form that evolved to contain pencil lead or ink. 

        Scriba has been sculpted around the hand.  The unique form has been designed for intuitive use, complimenting the hand’s natural movement and grip.

        What Sets The Scriba Apart

        A new means of interaction 

        With a distinctive and unique form, Scriba has been crafted to the natural grooves of the hand. We studied the grips and hand movements and developed a new ergonomic shape that feels comfortable and intuitive.

        Greater Control

        Whether it’s conveying emotion with a flourish, or highlighting form with contour lines, controlling line weight is critical for good design. Scriba enables you to adjust line weight instantly, fluidly, and accurately.


        Scriba can also detect if you are drawing lines of consistent weight and with Smart-Lock, automatically fixes the line-weight for you.  With a full depress, Scriba resumes the free-flowing drawing mode.

        Interact with ease

        Capture, develop and communicate ideas anytime, anywhere. With one squeeze, Scriba comes to life, allowing you to rapidly capture ideas. 

        Six Months Battery Life

        Scriba has the longest battery power of any stylus. Featuring an unprecedented 35 days of continuous use or 6 months on stand-by, Scriba rarely requires to be recharged.

        Robust yet beautiful

        With a seamless and sleek body, Scriba’s ultra-compact design is both light and durable. Crafted from a single mould of high quality polymer, Scriba has been designed to be light and durable. 

        Scriba is built to reduce hand fatigue and improve grip. Its silicone tactile areas make Scriba the perfect tool for both rapid sketching and prolonged design.


        The best possible canvas 

        The brush is only part of the painting. We have designed Scriba.Draw - a dedicated app specifically built to optimise Scriba’s utility and range of control in a minimal drawing interface that lets you focus on your creativity without distraction.


        Scriba is built on an open platform. We have created an SDK to allow developers to integrate Scriba into a range of fantastic apps that will be available when your Scriba is delivered later this year.. In time this will expand the possibilities of this truly multi-functional input device.



        As of writing the Scriba has raised €7,410 out of initial €65,000 goal with 29 days to go.

        Early bird specials are still available for  €65!

        Estimated delivery date: December 2015



        Solar Paper, the world's thinnest and lightest solar charger

        World's first solar charger that can be placed inside your note or planner. It is a paper thin and ultra light weight solar charger


        About The Project

        Solar Paper is the world’s smallest 2,5W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W solar chargers. When it is sunny it can charge an iPhone 6 in about 2.5 hours. It has the similar charging speed as a wall charger.

        With the world's top technology present inside, the result is highly efficient solar panels. It means that it can generate more energy than any other solar panels that are the same size.


        Which Version Of The Solar Paper Should I Choose?

        With different sizes available, you want to make sure you select the Solar Paper option that best suits your needs.

        First, check the output of devices’ wall charger. If it is 5W (5V,1A. iPhone 3,4,5,6, Galaxy S1,2,3, note1 and etc.) and the place you live

        always has strong intensity of sun light, 5W Solar Paper will be good enough to charge your smart phones at the same charging speed

        as a wall charger.

        But if you live in a place with weak sun light and lots of fog, then I would recommend 7.5W, which will charge devices well even on a

        cloudy day. 10W is even better, but it also costs more. So for 5W devices, 5W or 7.5W Solar Paper is ideal. 




        The Solar Paper project has crushed expectations, with $252,076 raised so far! The original goal was $50,00, and there are still 36 days to go.

        You can still sneak in at the special $69 price, the Solar Paper will retail for $120.

        Estimated delivery date: September 2015

        Solar Paper


        Power Tube: Your Smart, Portable & Powerful Phone Battery

        A phone charger with JuiceSync App for battery analysis, diff alerts, selfie shutter and PowerPoint slide controller functions & more!


        We have also developed JuiceSync Smart App for easy battery monitoring and management in terms of hours, percentage; battery temperature, battery location and distance. Moreover, supported by Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart technology, you can use Power Tube 3000 as,

        • A Selfie Shutter 
        • PowerPoint Slide Controller!

        Be prepared and be in charge of your everyday life with Power Tube 3000!


        More about Power Tube 3000

        Power Tube 3000 is a compact and all-in-one portable charger with built-in original Lightning connector for charging and male USB connector for recharging. Rather than logging into JuiceSync App, there is an indication light to show the battery level as well as the charging status.

        • 3000mAh

        3000mAh battery capacity allows 1.5 times for iPhone 5s full charging and 1 time for iPhone 6. It is your immediate energy support so you will not miss any important moment!

        • Built-in Charging Cable (Lighting OR Micro-usb)

        Built-in Lightning cable (OR Micro-usb cable) eliminates your concern of missing cable! Simply plug into your phone for charging at anytime anywhere!

        • Built-in USB for Recharging 

        Built-in USB connector makes recharging convenient and easy! When the Power Tube battery level is low, plug it into power supply and there is it!

        The project has been successfully funded, with $18,808 raised compared to the original $10,000 goal. You've got 29 days to help them hit their stretch goals!

        Though the 'super early bird' specials are all gone, some 'early bird' specials are still available at $34.

        Estimated delivery date: October 2015

        Power Tube 3000


        Lumenati CS1: The World's First Cinematic Smartcase

        The Lumenati CS1 pairs with your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s to create a classic film camera.

        What Is The Lumenati CS1?

        Cinematographers simply pop their device into the Lumenati CS1 just as grandpa would load an 8mm film cartridge. The lightweight, portable unit allows anyone to frame andfilm a steady, stable shot with the pull of an intuitive trigger.

        A cold shoe allows filmmakers to attach lights, microphones and extra handles for sport shooting. The real-time viewfinder allows WYSIWYG capabilities even in bright light, a feature that is elusive to modern mobile devices. Lenses can be swapped to shoot in wide angle, fisheye and telephoto. 


        The Lumenati CS1 is currently compatible with the iPhone 6 model. However, backers will have the option of being delivered either the iPhone 6 model or the iPhone 6s model (releases October).

        Image Quality

        The iPhone is already an incredible camera, but the ergonomics were never designed for film making. That's where we come in. The CS1 enhances the iPhone camera by creating the ability to attach lenses for numerous different shots. Additionally, the CS1 enables the addition of filters, handles, microphones, and lights, which greatly enhance the overall quality of the filming experience. Place it onto a tripod for completely steady and beautiful video.

        • Auto & Manual Focus 
        • f/ 2.2 aperture  
        • Five-element lens 
        • Backside illumination sensor 
        • Sapphire crystal lens cover 
        • Auto image stabilization 
        • Exposure control 
        • Hybrid IR filter

        The CS1 still has a bit to go in order to achieve funding, they're at $53,0725 compared to $75,000 goal with 28 days to go.

        The early bird specials are gone, but you can get in at the 'indie' level for $199 (retail will be $249).

        Estimated delivery date: February 2016

        Lumenati CS1


        BiteMyApple is a platform that brings together innovators and consumers.

        In addition to being a one-stop shop for the latest Apple tech accessories on the market, we want to keep you informed on innovative Kickstarter projects.

        Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

        July 08, 2015


        4 Kickstarter Projects You Should Back This Week - July 8th, 2015

        It's Wednesday at BiteMyApple and you know what that means - we're giving you the latest, most exciting Kickstarter projects this week!


        Light Pulse Electroluminescent Charge & Sync Cables

        6 ft. Electroluminescent Visible Current Charge and Sync Cables. Illuminate your Mobile and Gaming Devices.


        What are Light Pulse Charge and Sync Cables?

        Light Pulse Cables are electroluminescent charge and sync cables that use patented visible current technology to show the rate at which your device is charging. See your device’s charge level from afar with the electroluminescent light flow: 

        1. When your device is power hungry, the current will move quickly. 

        2. When your device is almost fully charged, it will slow down. 

        3. When your device is fully charged, the light will shut off.


        Available In Different Colors


        As of writing the Light Pulse has already raised $18,182 compared to the initial $15,000 goal with 53 days to go.

        Early bird specials for Lightning cables are still available at $30.

        Estimated delivery date: December 2015

        Light Pulse


        olloclip Studio: an integrated Mobile Photography System

        See it. Shoot it. Share it…


        About The Project

        When the olloclip first launched on Kickstarter four years ago, the concept of mobile photography was just starting to take shape and since then over a million lenses have shipped!

        It's this evolution that prompted the creators to take the next step and develop a new case and line of accessories that not only provide a specific function, but whose design is systemic to the creative process itself.

        Introducing olloclip Studio for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

        The olloclip Studio system is the combination of an all-new, more protective case design that incorporates an integrated mounting solution (patent pending) and a series of mobile photography accessories.

        Both the case and accessories are designed to intuitively work together the moment you pick them up.

        Unlike many of today’s modular mobile grip systems, olloclip’s Studio components seamlessly work together so you can focus on capturing the opportunity in front of you and not on building a rig. 


        Why Are They Coming Back To Kickstarter For Funding?

        "When we set out to pursue our dream four years ago, the Kickstarter Community was with us every step of the way. You validated our vision, provided valuable feedback and collectively, you helped us offset the costs of bringing such a product to market. 

        Today, we are looking to further expand our vision from a lens solution to a complete mobile photography system. olloclip Studio represents a significant production cost and being a small business, the opportunity for growth is only attainable through your generous support. This project alone represents over 7 new and complex tooling configurations that must be designed and built. 

        More importantly, we can’t imagine partnering with anyone else other than Kickstarter to explore what is possible in mobile photography – you’re part of our DNA."


        The olloclip Studio has already raised $74,243 out of their $100,000 goal, with 24 days to go.

        Pre-orders start at $35!

        Estimated delivery date: September 2015

        olloclip Studio


        Sphericam 2, the 4K 360º Video Camera for Virtual Reality

        The perfect 360º camera for Oculus Rift. The first ever to offer GLOBAL SHUTTER capture at 60FPS and 4K spherical vision.

        What Is The Sphericam 2?

        Sphericam 2 is a spherical, 360º camera that allows you to capture absolutely everything around you in high resolution without any blind spots.

        You can watch the resulting videos on a VR Headset (like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard) or on your iPad, tablet, PC or mobile phone.

        The Critical Missing Link in VR

          With the likes of Oculus Rift and Samsung outbidding each other to create the the best VR viewing platforms, there is a critical part of the puzzle still missing - how do you create stunning VR content in the first place?

          Most cinematic VR creation attempts so far have been, well, less real and more virtual.

          Think blind spots, uneven stitching and mismatched white balance from unsynchronised sensors.

          There just aren't many people who want to go through the months of training required to operate 6 sports cameras stuck together, and the tremendous amount of tricky post processing that is needed to make such footage watchable.

          Thankfully all that is a thing of the past. With Sphericam 2, we are VR ready.

          Sphericam 2 has been designed to deliver the specific resolution and frame rate of today's VR Headsets such as Oculus Rift and Gear VR: 4096x2048 pixels at 60 frames per second.

          The Sphericam 2 has already surpassed their original $150,000 goal, with $165,272 raised!

          Some early bird specials are still available at $1,399 with 22 days left to go.

          Estimated delivery date: December 2015

          Sphericam 2


          Dot - World's Smallest Bluetooth Headset

          Impossibly small. It virtually disappears in your ear. Listen to music anytime.



          The Dot has eclipsed the original $30,000 goal by raising $106,663 and there's still 29 days to go!

          You can get the Dot mono early bird special for $59 and the Dot stereo at $79.

          Estimated delivery date: December 2015



          BiteMyApple is a platform that brings together innovators and consumers.

          In addition to being a one-stop shop for the latest Apple tech accessories on the market, we want to keep you informed on innovative Kickstarter projects.

          Helping these projects come to fruition benefits us all as consumers and the site was built as a platform to facilitate creativity, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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